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111. Question and Answer TALL Cup - Audio Only

Questions and Answer Tall Cup "Class" with Aleya


(Just audio version, not video)

  • How to deal with negative entities
  • How to heal using the time spiral continuum
  • How to have faith that what you are putting into action in the higher realms will actually transpire?
  • What about all these Earth changes?
  • How to hear your guides
  • How to move through grief with family and friends
  • How do I respond to a situation that isn’t going right, and other people’s wellbeing is at stake?
  • How to receive when lovely things appear on the horizon?
  • How to work with healers?
  • Why are so many people losing their hearing?

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Just WOW! Your connection to Universal Wisdom is inspiring! I really connected to the piece about dealing with a difficult situation. I was reminded to ask what is the lesson I am trying to learn from this current situation. It set me into a bit of a spin, so I offered it up to the higher realms to help assist in finding my way. It is a deeply sensitive issue regarding my youngest who is in pain. I can sense many layers of healing and I do feel energetically supported. Thank you Aleya!!!!
One of my questions is how do I keep myself from not falling into anxiety and stress when another (my ex and his partner) are attempting to disrupt the current agreement for childcare etc.?