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82. The How To TALL Cup

This TALL Cups is very different. It addresses the "How To's" as opposed to focusing on big energetic shifts. Think of it as a "tool box session."

This session focuses on....

How to move beyond the struggle
How to remember your essence
How to discern the voice of you the Soul rider and the voice of your body
How to not take things personally
How to react to someone who is fearful and negative
How to work/manage/deal with your desires
How to improve support issues
How to release limitations
How to hold yourself when you travel
How to feel safe and create safety in all areas of your life
How to find a like-minding community/friends
How to deal with other people when they are upset
How to deal with body pain
How to shift procrastination - timing/flow/move with desires
Discuss the tunnel of light at the back of the neck
Discuss the Energetic Weather


  • Activate the vibration of ease on the divine lines of you, your body and team
  • Take steps back and relieve any pressure you are putting on yourself to evolve, then come back into divine timing. Struggling slows your evolution.
  • Locate the vibration of grace in your divine line. Trust the process.
  • Give permission to take a few steps back. Let yourself be not as evolved. Work on the terrain you are ready for.
  • Explore your essence by noticing the qualities that seem to flow effortlessly in your divine line. Open to hearing and/or activating your soul song in your essence.
  • Many how-to protocols offered in this session

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Can't thank you enough. I do notice how it doesn't work to try to be too helpful.
Love this session. Great tools. Can
Love this session. Great tools. Can
fell asleep here too!
Greetings ! How to shift to prosperity financial abundance ...