Empathic Sensitivity

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help balance clear empathic sensitivity, judgment, stress, and increase personal responsibility.

Hold Your Own Psychic Energy

This Cup is a protocol to help you return all psychic energy that is not your own. 
In an unconscious group there is always one person who unconsciously energetically agrees to hold the psychic energy of the group.  That one person who then holds the psychic energy often feels unbalanced, overwhelmed, and can even feel a little - or a lot - "crazy".  When the psychic energy of a group or community gets unsettled this makes it even more overwhelming. 

This Cup can help you release anxiety, find calm, clarity, and inner balance.  It is also great for clearing fatigue.  This Cup was inspired by the 3D Support TALL Cup Session. 

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Team to energetically reference any bundles of psychic energy that you are holding that belongs to others.
  • Return all bundles of psychic energy that you are holding that is not yours.
  • Return all empathic sensations.
  • Send energetic information to anyone you were holding their psychic energy.
  • Light language and toning to assist you in returning the psychic bundles that are not your own.
  • Model how you hold your own psychic energy from a place of balance and calm.
May you return all  psychic energetic bundles that are not your own. 
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Comments & Discussion

Priceless, ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’™
November 15th 2020
Amazing! Great short version from Tall Cup. Love light language , singing and toning. Seems to help with cellular upgrades. Thanks so much!
October 7th 2020
This is very helpful and I love your light language!
October 7th 2020
Thank you Aleya! Never occurred to me otherโ€™ psychic energy could have been the problem! Thinking I should leave some Facebook groups in in. Wow.
October 7th 2020
The โ€œfatigueโ€ Resonated with me ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ–ค Thank you so much.
October 7th 2020
Amazing freeing! I feel strong and unencumbered! Arms are relaxed.
October 7th 2020