Empathic Sensitivity

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help balance clear empathic sensitivity, judgment, stress, and increase personal responsibility.

How to Help Another Who is Challenged or Suffering

This Cup is all about the "how" to assist someone who is struggling or is in a place of challenge. This is a healthy way of helping and serving in a healthy, co-creative stance.

  • Think of the person or group who is in a place of struggle or challenge.
  • Connect with them at the level of their Higher Selves.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and teams to send them appropriate energetic information to them.
  • Send massive amounts of energetic information to this person or group.
  • Encourage them to take more responsibility for their reality.
  • Return responsibility.
  • Retrieve responsibility.
  • Feel into a quality that you have attained inside yourself that you think that they may be served by.
  • Feel into this  quality that you have attained inside yourself.
  • In a higher realm you are modeling this current and energy inside themselves.
  • Hold a safe compassionate container for those who are in a state of suffering.
May you model that which you value and hold space for those who are in a process of suffering.

Aleya's note on this Cup.....
A deep, powerful practice that is profoundly supportive and accelerates the awakening process of humanity.


If you feel moved and inspired by this Cup share this with others who you think will be able to be of service in this way as well.



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Comments & Discussion

Thank you very helpful
June 15th 2020
So wonderful and I am so grateful to be of service in this way. Thank you Aleya for the clear direction. 🙏🏻
June 14th 2020
This is beautiful!
June 12th 2020
donna r
Thank you for this cup... It has answered my questions..Love to you!
June 12th 2020
So timely! Thank you!
June 12th 2020
Thank you so very much! Absolutely Perfect timing...I am deeply Grateful for this Wise protocol. Namaste'
June 12th 2020
Thank you Aleya, I struggle with what I see and being of service in a health way.
June 12th 2020
So perfect for today' situation in the world.
June 12th 2020
lovely, filled with and full of expanded love, comfort, may it abound in all!
June 12th 2020