7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help you increase empowerment, protection, calm, increase hope, self love, support, and trust. Release unhealthy patterns. Release the victim energy.

Body Connect with Earth

2021 is all about the body awakening to a greater degree. Use this Cup to help your body connect with Earth. Increase balance, support, clarity, and safety. You are a Soul riding in a body. Your body has its own consciousness, energy fields and way of doing things. This Cup can help your body feel calmer, more centered, and stronger.

  • Use the inhale to pull yourself into your inner divine line.
  • Explore and connect with your essence.
  • Invite your body deva to connect with its divine line and it's etheric body.
  • Invite your body to connect with Earth in it's own unique way.
  • Invite your body to extended it's magnetics into the heart of Earth.
  • Invite your body to use the pathway to ground that are clean, clear, and pure.
  • Invite Earth to connect with your body and to gently repair, clean, and clear the energy fields of your body. 
  • Activate the vibration of connection and safety in the divine line of the body.
  • Invite your body to hold responsibility for awakening itself in a gentle, graceful, and loving way.
  • Encourage your body to cultivate deeper levels of connection with Earth.
May your body hold a deeper level of connection with Earth and model that in the world.
And a rare moment...
Tomorrow I teach a class about music and sound. How to use your body like an instrument.
I will not be teaching this class ever again. If you love music and sound....
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Love this 🌎 I was just writing about how we need to connect with earth today. Healing at the source
January 7th 2021