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Release the Irritation and Anger While you Release and Begin the Expansion

As the energy accelerates and the recalibration of grids occur in the higher realms disorientation, irritation, and anger may arise. Sometime we use anger and irritation as a way of clearing our energetic fields. Instead of using this slightly unpleasant energy use this Cup to release this pattern and use love. Enjoy this collection of favorite Cups. Sip on the ones that resonate.


  • Energetically locate any anger you are holding as a way to clear your energetic fields.
  • Release the mechanism of anger and clear the toxic emotion.
  • Bring in a mechanism of using love to expand and clear vibrations that are not your essence off of all aspects of your being.
May you release anger as a mechanism for releasing.

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User Comments

Thank you so much for these all, They were marvellous, socalming and soothing after a few challenging days.
Thank you for all three - but especially the Third Cup!! 💜💜💜
Thanks! Now I know what was going on last Friday night ! Trying to process through getting irritated hahaha . Glad to try something different definitely wasn't pleasant . Perfect , spot on.
Thank you Aleya...Beautiful 3rd Cup...❌⭕️🙏
These are great. Perfect and soothing
Loved these!! Particularly last two...thanks Aleya!
I didn't think I needed this as I have not been angry but then my entire family began flipping out this morning! I am grateful to be able to sit and listen to all of these.
I sure needed all three! The second one really resonated with my body deva, thanks so much!
Timely. The third cup was especially lovely. Thank you.
Wow! This has quite an impact! I had no idea how much anger and frustration I needed to release! Thanks!
Lol yes! The constant process of change and transformation is irritating! LOL!! Thank you for these early cups Aleya - much appreciated tonight :)

Recorded 09/27/2012