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Blessing for a Soul on the Other Side

This meditation can help resolve the grief from loss of a loved one. When you help a loved one on the other side the grief may lighten. Use this Cup to help a loved one on the other side. One of the most powerful things you can do in the physically dimension is to make a request for the energy on the other side to move into greater connection, love, and light. Help a Soul on the other side activate the vibration of their spiritual lessons in their divine line.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Think of someone you love that is on the other side/who is no longer in this world that you would like to assist.
  • Connect with this person from your Higher to their Higher Self in a dimension where you can have a clean, clear, and supportive connection.
  • Invite this Soul that is no longer in the physical dimension to activate the vibrations of all of their spiritual lessons in their divine line. Invite them to return fragments, release trauma, and all negative karma, and responsibilities that do not belong to them.
  • Hold vigil for this individual that is on the other side as they heal.
  • Tones to help this Soul activate the vibrations of their spiritual lessons.
  • Bring in a sacred healing shape that can help this Soul on the other side heal and cultivate a greater connection with their essence.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Team to release all responsibility you might be holding for this Soul on the other side.
Thank you for using your position in the physical dimension to help the Souls on the other side move into greater connection, love, and empowerment.

Ways to use this Cup...
If you have a pet on the other side you can think of them. If you have a parent or grandparent on the other side, helping them can help release issues off you. If you are a walk-in you can ask that your previous tenant heal and evolve. If you remember your spiritual family you can invite them to hold a higher vibration inside themselves.


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User Comments

Perfect for me too. During the last year my sister and several friends died. So happy to have this opportunity to help these souls. Thank you so much!
Good timing for me too - my Dad died 12-24-16 and over the weekend there was an auction of everything from my past - what was left of my Grandparents, Mom & Dad were auctioned off one thing at a time to strangers, which puts a total complete end of all my childhood and all my family members. Huge closure for me, very much a clean slate of everything in my past. Listened 4 times to represent each person. Thanks Aleya!
Sobbed the whole way through this one! Maybe I need to do it again!
I meant March 27.
Your timing couldn't have been more perfect, Aleya! I lost one my beloved feline children this past Easter Sunday, April 27. And although I know that he had a smooth transition I miss him terribly. Thank you!
This is nice been thinking about my dog that passed April 24,2015 a week after his birthday. My favorite cousin who passed Aug. of last year it was around this time that he got sick. So, so I have been praying for them and been grateful for them. This meditation is a great help. Thank you Aleya.
Thank you! So perfect. My mother made her transition March 13 and I was with her. This cup is wonderful! For some reason I thought souls on the other side had it all together and we need their help... I would like to know more about this. I do send light flowers (leis) to people in my prayers and meditations. Love you!
My 50 year old brother-in-law left us last Tuesday we are in shock. I will share this with my husband. Thank you.
Thank you for the note to share it.
Great one to practice for our recently departed loved ones, plus our loved ones who passed on year ago, thank you for that!
What an important protocol! I just used it to release my Grandmother, who is lingering in the old farmhouse. I'm hoping she listens. It's an act of forgiveness for me. Many of her relationships were tenuous, lots of karmic ties. Thank you for this healing. 😊

Recorded 04/11/2016