7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help you set up the energy, do higher vibrational work, and prepare for upcoming events. Release unhealthy habits. Let go of the rush and stress.

Heal the Five Senses for Inner Fullfillment

Use this Cup to repair the energetic lines of your five senses. This is a potent meditation to help heal and release addictions and find greater freedom for the body. Open to receive greater fulfillment internally.

  • Energetically locate the five lines of the five senses that extend from the brain steam to the pineal gland.
  • Repair the crystalline grids within and around these lines and infuse the vibration of fulfillment, trust, flow, connection, divine timing, divine discernment, and allowing.
  • Invite the Angelic ones to help your body heal and access the divine blueprint of health.

Heal your internal energetic grids and move toward greater alignment.


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Both were perfect and timely - Thank you
April 6th 2017
I was just reflecting on some energetic boundary issues - perfect timing, thank you!
April 6th 2017
You always seem to hit what is needed st the moment for me! Thank you!
April 6th 2017