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Heal the Five Senses for Inner Fullfillment

Use this Cup to repair the energetic lines of your five senses. This is a potent meditation to help heal and release addictions and find greater freedom for the body. Open to receive greater fulfillment internally.

  • Energetically locate the five lines of the five senses that extend from the brain steam to the pineal gland.
  • Repair the crystalline grids within and around these lines and infuse the vibration of fulfillment, trust, flow, connection, divine timing, divine discernment, and allowing.
  • Invite the Angelic ones to help your body heal and access the divine blueprint of health.

Heal your internal energetic grids and move toward greater alignment.


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Both were perfect and timely - Thank you
I was just reflecting on some energetic boundary issues - perfect timing, thank you!
You always seem to hit what is needed st the moment for me! Thank you!

Recorded 04/01/2013