7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help you set up the energy, do higher vibrational work, and prepare for upcoming events. Release unhealthy habits. Let go of the rush and stress.

Passion Grounding Grids

Activate your passion grounding grids with this Cup. This meditation includes a major sonic light language and toning segment to help activate the vibration of your Soul's passion in your magnetic grids, which in turn supports you, and activates a greater flow in your life.

  • Light language and toning to activate the vibration of passion in your magnetics.
  • Activate and spin the hologram of your Soul's passion around you.
  • Invite the dolphins to send to you appropriate information to help you activate the vibration of your Soul's passion.
  • Receive greater support from the angelic realm.

May your passion ground and support you in every breath.


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Yes this music/light language was perfect..Loved it
May 7th 2018
Love that song! It really spoke to me and a somehow familiar way that I haven't experienced in years. I'm getting that album!
May 7th 2018
That is my favorite album that I cannot seem to find. I will be ordering a new cd from you soon love your work and you!!
May 7th 2018