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7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help increase grounding and your connection to Earth. Increase your ability to manifest. Find calm, energy, and passion.

Attach Your Divine Line to the Front of your Spine

As I tuned into the energetic weather for this cup, I felt an acceleration. Whenever the energy quickens we want to tighten the seat belt, ground, and get ready for a ride. Use this cup to ride right and attach your divine line onto the front of the spine. Release any resistance about riding in the human form. You are a Soul that is currently having a human body experience. Enjoy the ride. When we surrender to the experience flow happens in all areas of our life.

  • Energetically locate your divine line as it flows down the front of the spine.
  • Infuse vibrations of love, joy, play, grace, trust, empowerment, connection as the energetic glue on the front of your spine.
  • Firmly attach your divine line to the front to of your spine, and release all resistance.
  • Use your inhale at the base of the spine pull yourself onto the front of the spine.
  • Use your inhale and exhale at each chakra level to firmly attach your divine line on the front of the spine.
  • Connect with your own spiritual power at the third eye and crown.
  • Inhale and exhale at the crown and spin the crown in a clockwise direction extending your divine line to the heart of Source where you express yourself.
  • Continue the inhale and exhale and pull yourself firmly onto the front of the spine.
  • Release all resistance.
  • Tones to help the attachment of the divine line to the front of the spine.
  • Open the lines of communication between you and your bodies divine line.
  • Pull all your control back to your own divine line.
This is an interactive cup. Clean your energy fields and go deeper.


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Comments & Discussion

Nice. The detail makes it deeper. Thanks
July 28th 2014
Thank you so much, yes I love the deepness.
July 28th 2014
beautiful...felt deeper and just what I needed tray - thank you so much :)
July 28th 2014
Yes it does Aleya...Thank you.
July 28th 2014
Does this meditation feel a bit deeper? I am going for deeper with the cups this week.
July 28th 2014
I love it, Love it. It make my body strait and keep me connected .Thank you.
July 28th 2014
Loved this one, and especially the pianos tones at the end ...
July 28th 2014
This is appropriate as I have been snarky and disconnected since yesterday.
July 28th 2014