Grounding and Magnetics

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help increase grounding and your connection to Earth. Increase your ability to manifest. Find calm, energy, and passion.
Magnetic Manifesting Protocol
Increase your roots and prepare for a lovely manifesting mojo flow. Activate a greater magnetic flow and the ability to
EMF Protocol
I have been asked by several people about recording a meditation for EMFs protection (protection with electrical devices.) Use this energetic
Inner Balance
This cup focuses on moving into greater balance. The protocols in the meditation are the following: Ground only yourself and not
Toning Your Essence Back to You
This meditation is 30 minutes of toning you into your essence.  It's a powerful musical toning track. This audio file has a
Tones Grounding and Slowing Down
This Cup helps us get out of the mind and feel our feet on the ground. Slow down to catch
Drop Into the Depth of Resources
Drop into a depth and grounding that has the capacity to stabilize and support you. Use the deep, rich energy
Increase Your Magnetics As You Expand
Increase your magnetics as you move into a more expanded way of being. Stay grounded while you fly. Bring in an
Release the Perception of Disconnection
Get plugged IN. Release the perception of disconnect and move back into the perception of connection. Let go of the
Receive Internally
Open to receive new grids of abundance with grace and ease. Calibrate yourself to pass through to a higher dimensional
Balance Your Magnetics and Your Timing
Balance your magnetics and timing. Update your reference points so that you can connect and engage with the energies that
Release the Spacey Energy and Come Back to Focus
Release that spacey feeling. Increase your root structure. The more grounded we are, the higher a light quotient we can
Increase Your Support and Resources In This World
Increase support by grounding and anchoring in your high vibrational state. As we receive electrical information from above, we move
Mental Body Balance
Open and calm the mind. Get clean and clear. Gather your energy back into
Harvest All That You Have Sown
Harvest all that you have sown. Connect with all the dreams you and harvest them now! Breathe yourself back into
Center and Ground
This is a gentle meditation to remind you to balance and stabilize as you accelerate your light quotient. There is
Clear Your Base Chakra and Increase Grounding
Ground and Clear Your Base Chakra. Increase your grounding. Use this meditation to clean and clear your base chakra and
Open the Third Eye
Open your third eye. There is a lot of back and forth energy that could be perceived as stressful if
Ground as the Grids Shift
Use this Cup to help you stay grounded as a fast, intense light show of grids shift and move at
Get Off the Gerbil Wheel of Enlightenment
Between the breathless moments, get off the gerbil wheel of enlightenment and be in the "now" instead of rushing to
Find Your Center of Trust, Support, and Flow
Use this meditation to increase a centered, still, calm, focused state. Leap to a higher level when the bumps start
Re-Calibrate for the Season Change
Recalibrate your timing. Very often we get sick or tired in order to re-calibrate the timing. Instead of using those vibrations
Find Your Focus in Your Divine Line
Take the next 8 magical minutes and focus on yourself. For a long time we have held our focus outside
Get Grounded Instead of Exhausted - Toning
Use sweet deep tones to ground. Release the irritation, frustration and fatigue. Find a deep calm and inner anchor. If
Find the Calm with Toning and Whales
Use tones and the whale song to find a stillness, grounding, and calm. As life accelerates we may feel like
Link Into the Magnetics of the Moment
Increase grounding. If we stay grounded, i.e. increase the magnetic energy, all will feel calm and centered. If we do
Transform Your Protection Mechanisms
Force fields of empowerment! Shift the way in which you protect yourself and bring an empowered consciousness into your protection
Activate Your Cosmic Divine Loop
Connect with your Divine Cosmic Loop. When we connect deeply into the core of our being we feel the timelessness,
Get Deep without Depression
Access your essence in a deeper way without going into depression. Increase inner peace and decrease your reactivity to challenges
Base Chakra Magnetic Expansion
Increase your magnetics and base chakra. This cup is a potent magnetic lower chakra expansion meditation. Get super grounded. Take
Increase grounding. Increase your roots. Ground in an empowered and connected way. Increase your grounding mechanisms/roots. Release all mechanisms for grounding that
Set Up the Energy for the Day
Does the energy feel a bit swirly? You may not know if you are coming or going. Take a moment to
Body Increase Magnetic Grids Protocol - Heart of Earth
This first Cup is a power-packed potent Cup to help your body increase its magnetics. Use this Cup to ground
Tones for Grounding the Higher Vibrations
Increase grounding with this amazing toning grounding song. This song can help you reorient to the new balance point, and
Tone Yourself into a Grounded and Clear State
Use this meditation to help you rest and move slowly and thoughtfully. Allow for grounding and integration. Listen to soothing
Find Your New Comfort Zone as You Hold a Higher Vibration
Whenever we go through an expansion and an increase of our inner light quotient, we may feel like we are
Release Debt as a Mechanism for Grounding
As we hold a higher vibration, release lower vibrational mechanisms for grounding. Sometimes we will use debt or obligations as
Tones to Ground and Clear
Get grounded. Tone along with these low tones to clean, clear, and ground your lower energy centers. Use this cup
Ground without Fatigue or Depression
This is a simple yet sweet meditation to help you ground without the fatigue or depression. Whenever we are exposed to high
Expand Base Chakra for Abundance and Calm & Point In Your Desired Direction
Use this 1st Cup to expand your base chakra and get grounded. Have you been feeling restless, anxiety, insomnia, clenching
Ground Deeply with Whale Tones
Right before we go into an expansion energy that can help us release, we want to get SUPER grounded. As
Grounding and Manifesting with Magnetics
Manifest using your electrical and magnetic grids, the heart of Earth, and the Sun. When our electrical energy increases we
Anchor In! Your New Moon Intentions
Anchor your intentions into the grids in the higher realms. When our intentions are anchored and infused into the energetic
Magnetics Manifesting Activation and Alignment
It's Magnetic Manifesting Activation Mojo Day! Anchor in the intentions and support that will help you magnetically draw to you opportunities
Hold Awareness Appropriately
Use this cup to hold your awareness appropriately as a multi-dimensional being. When you hold too much of your awareness in
Grounded, Connected, and Clear
Take a deep breath, lift your head, check your bearings, get grounded, connected, and clear.  Use this cup to get both
Stillness and Connection - Release Anxiety and Increase Connection
The shame blame game is up. Drop deep inside and step out of that game in every area of your
Sound Medicine Deep Download
Sound Medicine Release Party! Drop deep, re-pattern, release, anchor in, find clarity and inner flow, and maybe even a mini enlightenment
Stabilize Mercabic Disc
Increase safety, connection, and stabilize at the seat of your Soul. We all have a Mercabic disc that extends from
Magnetics and Grounding
This is a collection of magnetic, grounding root cups. Enjoy the combination of the following meditations. When there is an increase
Attach Your Divine Line to the Front of your Spine
As I tuned into the energetic weather for this cup, I felt an acceleration. Whenever the energy quickens we want to
Connect Deeply with Your Essence
Back to the basics meditation. Increase your connection to your Essence. Pull yourself back into your divine line with your
Clean and Clear Your Grids and Roots
As I tuned into the energetic weather for this meditation I saw an image of roots and grids being cleaned.
Tones for Grounding and Opening to Receive
Use this cup of tones to ground and open to receive. As I tuned into the energy of this meditation
Get Grounded and Clear Your Energy Fields
Use this cup to ground and clear your energy fields. This meditation will help you find clarity in your head
Present Breath of Now
A simple yet profound practice. This cup can help you find a connected present state. When the energy accelerates, slowing
Connected, Clear, and Empowered
Use this fresh cup to increase connection, clarity, and empowerment. This is definitely a support cup. The more grounded and empowered
Evenly Distribute Your Light in your Divine Cosmic Loop
Use this Cup to evenly distribute your light in your divine cosmic loop. When your energy is balanced in your
Body Deva Grounding
Use this Cup to increase grounding for you and your body deva. The more grounded your body is, the higher
Ground, Clean, Clear with the Dolphins and Whales
Use this Cup to get clean, clear, grounded with the dolphins and whales. This cup might feel like a very
Full Moon Magnetic Manifesting Meditation
Use this Cup to help you reveal all that is not yet healed, which in turn creates an opportunity for
Calm and Centered in the Acceleration
Use this Cup to find your calm center. Also....manifestation can happen quickly when you hold an intention clearly. If you
Tones to Release in a Grounded Way
Use this toning Cup (with a few words) to ground and release in a grounded way. Less is more. Allow, release,
Magnetics and Grounding
Recalibrate and update the ways in which we ground and orient. If you find you are getting lost in your
Ground, Balance, Stabilize, Repair the Energy Fields of You, Your Body, and Team
Use this Cup to balance, stabilize, and ground the energy fields of you, your body, and Team. This Cup can
Boundaries, Psychic Space, and Release Irritation - Toning Protocol
This Cup is a little is an energetic protocol dancing in between and on top of toning and light
Toning, Whales, Angels - Ground and Get Clear
Use this Cup when the world feels fast and intense. When it is, a lot of energy both internally and
Get Grounded, Clear, and Hold A Higher Vibration Toning
Use this Cup to get grounded, clear, and hold a higher vibration. Drop out of the mind and use your
Find the Flow and Divine Direction
Find the flow and tap into the current that has the capacity to support you. Take a few deep breaths into
Toning Grounding and Clearing
This Cup is a simple, deep, grounding, clearing toning experience. This meditation is collection of sounds and a short protocol
Be Present to Find the Present
Use this Cup to slow down, re-invent the dream, envision the reality you desire, set intentions, and open to receive.
Move Into Right Timing with Nature
Use these Cups to calibrate your energy fields, timing components, rhythms, cycles, and flow with the Nature Kingdom, the Sun,
Mercury Retrograde and Magnetics for Manifesting Sip
This Cup is a little explanation, protocol, and Gaia song that can help you expand your roots. As you expand
Passion Grounding Grids
Activate your passion grounding grids with this Cup. This meditation includes a major sonic light language and toning segment to
Toning the Base Chakra Note C
This Cup is all about grounding and is a toning sound healing Cup. The musical note C correlates to the
Connect with the Nature Kingdom
These Cups are all about manifesting and abundance by reconnecting to yourself and to Nature. As you connect with the
Increase Grounding, Empowerment, and Service
Use this Cup to get really grounded. When you are grounded you have the ability to hold a higher vibration
Increase Body Support and Hold a Co-Creative Stance
Use this "slightly radical stance" to be only attached to your own level of support and welfare. At first this
Ground and Increase Your Roots
Use this Cup to increase your roots and magnetics and move into a more grounded space.  This Cup is perfect
Recalibrate and Increase Grounding
2019 is all about getting grounded so you can expand. Use this Cup to get your feet back on the
Ground Your New Year Intentions
Use this Cup in the first days of the new year to ground your intentions.  2019 is a year of expansion,
Expand Your Base Chakra
Get grounded by expanding your base chakra. When your focus is on spiritual growth and awakening, your crown chakra expands
Get Focused and Release the "Feeling Scattered" Energy
This Cup speaks to the feeling of being scattered. Get focused by releasing the scattered energy. Ground and center to
Connect with the Gaia Earthly Fabric of Oneness
This Cup can help your body feel a deep connection with the essence of Earth. If grounding to Earth is
Ocean, Rain, Whales, Toning Soundscape
Use this Cup to move into a still, grounded, connected state. It is also very cleansing. This Cup is a
Use Love and Trust to Ground Instead of Fear
This Cup is to assist you to let go of using fear as a mechanism to ground. If you consciously
Clean the Base Chakra and Release Limiting Beliefs and Dreams
Use this Cup to ground, clean, and expand your base chakra. This Cup has a grounding tone and protocols that can
Drop your Weight and Ground into Your Roots
Use this Cup to bring your energetic weight into a balanced stance. Hold the same amount of energy in your
Ground By Cleaning and Expanding the Base Chakra
Use this potent yet simple Cup to clean and expand your base chakra. The more grounded you are the more
Balance and Align the Upper Chakras and Craniosacral Fluid
Use this Cup to balance and align the upper chakras and cranio-sacral fluid. This Cup is particulaly helpful any time there is an amplification of
Manifesting Magic
Use this Cup to manifest using your electrical and magnetic grids, the heart of Earth, and the Sun. The Sun
Get Grounded and Energetically Clean Sound Healing Bath
Use this sound bath to ground and clean your energetic fields. We are getting lots of energetic downloads. When your
Recalibrate Your Roots, Feet, and Magnetics
Ground and recalibrating your roots with this Cup to strengthen and stabilize your magnetic fields and roots. (This is a
Infuse Safety and Resilience Into Your Roots
Use this Cup to release anxiety, increase grounding, and calm by infusing safety and resilience into your energetic roots. It
Etheric Reweaving of Energy Fields and Grids
Use this Cup to reweave your etheric fields and grids. Hold a stronger container, boundaries, force-fields, and support within and
Ground with Grace
Use this Cup to increase your grounding mechanisms using the vibration of grace. Imagine riding a roller coaster and not
Recalibrate and Clean Your Roots
Roots, magnetics, and support. Use this Cup to clean your roots and reweave them for a more supported way of
Back to the Basics - Happy 11th Birthday Cups of Consciousness 2020!!! -
Hold your focus on you, clean your energy fields, retrieve your gifts, and hold a vibration that matches your wisdom
Ground the Body & Balance the Microbes
This Cup helps your body clean, clear, and ground; balance and expand the electrical magnetics; and balance the microbes for
Expand Roots Infuse Supportive Qualities for Manifestation
Use this Cup to set your intentions of what you wish to manifest in the coming days, weeks, and months.
Get Back in Your Body & Ride Right
Use this Cup to gather yourself back into your body. Ride right.  Anytime you the Soul rider has stress, trauma, surgery/anesthesia,
Sound Bath to Clean and Strengthen the Base Chakra and Roots
This Cup is an energetic protocol with toning and light language to help strengthen your base chakra and roots.Expand your
Deeply Clean Your Roots
The cleaner you are energetically the higher a vibration you can hold.  The more grounded you are the higher a vibration
Ground, Clear, and Expand
Use this Cup to connect with your own grounding mechanisms. Get grounded and clear to assit yourseof in the release and
Manifest Your Desires in a higher realms
Use this Cup to manifest whatever it is you desire.  When you use another dimension to create what you desire
Clean, Align, and Balance the Pineal Gland
Use this Cup to align your pineal gland. The more aligned your pineal gland the more clear, calm, and balanced