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Ground By Cleaning and Expanding the Base Chakra

Use this potent yet simple Cup to clean and expand your base chakra. The more grounded you are the more joyful the journey will be. Use the second Cup to embrace more humor.


  • Connect with your Higher Self.
  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Ground and anchor into your divine line.
  • Hold your awareness in your base chakra.
  • Spin your base chakra in a counter clockwise direction.
  • Clean all dissonance, cords, and vibrations that are not harmonic.
  • Bring in sounds, color, and light to clean your base chakra.
  • Tones to clean the base chakra. 
  • Spin your base chakra in a clockwise direction to tonify.
  • Expand your base chakra and your roots/magnetics.
May you play in the day in a grounded and supported way.


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I love the humor, laughter, joy meditation!!! Thank you Aleya!
Wonderful. Thank you for the feedback. Aleya
Deep Gratitude to you Aleya

Recorded 04/01/2019