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Help Your Team Hold A Higher Vibration

Help your Team hold a higher vibration with this Cup. Your Team are angelic beings of love and light that can buffer and support you. The higher a vibration they hold the more you get positively impacted.


  • Bring your energy into this present moment.
  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite your Team to encircle you.
  • Invite your Team to reference the dimension where they can hold themselves in a way that supports, inspires, and empowers them.
  • Encourage your Team to move themselves into the dimension that is supportive.
  • Invite your Team to gather all of their gifts and resources off of others and back on themselves.
  • Light language to help your Team hold the vibrations that are most appropriate for them.
  • Invite your Team to balance, align, and harmonize their energy.
May your Team express themselves in the dimension that most support, inspires, and empowers them.

Let go of the inner tension, stress, and irritation. Increase psychic space in a way that helps you access the energy that is most supportive and appropriate for you at this time, and more, depending on your intentions.


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So grateful for my team! Glad and honored to be of service to them!!

Recorded 06/07/2019