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Adjust Timing and Flow for Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde beings on May 29th.

Use today's Cup to get ready.

When we are in the shadow of Mercury Retrograde, and in Mercury Retrograde, timing is slower, energy is deeper, and reflections are clearer.

Shift your timing, move into greater flow that allows for reflection, release, reinvention, and rest.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.

  • Very gently align your timing, rhythm, and flow for the cycle of Mercury Retrograde.

  • Move from a slower, deeper, more connected place.

  • Locate another dimension where you can rest, release, recalibrate, and reinvent how you move in the world.

  • Snuggle up onto the front of the spine and rest in your divine line. Allow for a deep integration of all that you shifted out of, and into.

May you move from a deeply connected reflective inner place.

The most recent TALL Cup is an amazing supportive way to prepare as well.

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May 27th 2021
Beautiful and soothing
May 27th 2021
That was beautiful 😍
May 27th 2021