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Anchor In the New Paradigm

Anchor into the new paradigm for the new earth. Join a few million people in the higher realms and hold a vision of love, respect, and gratitude for this amazing planet that we live on. Embrace a more evolved consciousness.

  • Invite your Higher Self to locate the more evolved consciousness that is blooming on this planet.
  • Connect with the Higher Selves of these beings that are embracing this more evolved consciousness.
  • Bring this new paradigm of love, empowerment, respect, and abundance into your energetic fields and into your consciousness from your Higher Self.
  • Be guided and assisted by the people of this world from the future that exist in the dimensional reality where there is love, respect, bounty to hold vigil for us as we journey towards that direction.
  • Sense, see, perceive the people in the future sending us information that help us in modeling right energy in the world.

Thank you for all of the ways in which you are of service in the world.


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The Early Years
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