Individual Meditations

Download individual daily cup of consciousness meditations by Aleya.

Become Conscious of Your Energy Fields

Move into a more conscious connection with your energetic fields. Awaken to a deeper knowing within you. We can only change that of which we are conscious. Increase your connection to your unconscious fields and gain greater control over transforming your life.

  • Bring in healing and connection between your conscious and unconscious energy fields.
  • Balance and align the magnetic grids.
  • Infuse your essence into your conscious and unconscious fields.
  • Balance the electrical and magnetic energies within your perception mechanisms.
  • Allow for an appropriate flow between these energy fields.
  • Increase your magnetic, clean the base chakra.

May you become gently aware of what resides within your unconscious fields so that it may serve you or enable you to transform it.

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The Early Years
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Comments & Discussion

Joyce Shockley
The meditation today, flowed well within my energy fields and I unexpectedly now have greater clarity(literally),like a fog has been lifted. After a time
of feeling slothful & stuck, for today I am grateful!

Question: Today, my ears have been popping(not ringing), as when you
travel by air. You do not suppose that todays energies are in anyway
related? Lowlands & valleys in my part of the country.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

December 1st 2010