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Body/Earth Connection for Abundance and Support

Increase your body's connection with Gaia/Earth and the Nature Kingdom. Receive more support and resources! Increase your capacity to be with your body and the elements in a more enlightened way.

  • Your body is of the Earth and has the capacity to be supported by the abundant consciousness of Earth.
  • Invite your body to extend its grounding cords and magnetics into the heart of Earth.
  • Align your energy center with Gaia.
  • Release all projections of illness, lack, and disease off of the template of the physical human form.
  • Invite your body deva to reconnect with all of the grids and resources held in the Nature Kingdom that have the capacity to assist it in maintaining health, and vitality.
  • Perceive your body as being completely supported by Gaia and the Nature Kingdom.

May your body be filled with delightful resources and incredible support.

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September 22nd 2015