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Calibrate Yourself for a Mercury Retrograde Release

Today is day 3 of Mercury Retrograde.

A time to release, reflect, and shift how you hold yourself.

Use today's fresh, sweet, and gentle cup to move into a place of stillness, safety, and calm and allow for an opening that assists you in a deep and gentle release.

When you are in a place of stillness you have the ability to then open which then enables you deeply release.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Reference a dimension that is so incredibly safe and calm.
  • Move into a place of stillness and allow for an opening.
  • Reference the energy that you are holding deep within that feel rigid, tight, fearful, negative, worry, or anxiety.
  • Allow these discordant energies to lift up and out.
  • Toning and light language to help you allow for a gentle deep release.

Only when you are safe and still do you open.

Only when you are open can you release.

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Comments & Discussion

Perfect timing. Lovely!
June 1st 2021
So helpful ❣
May 31st 2021
Karyn DoveHawk
Love the background track! And Thank you .. been feeling the anxiety. Will be good for support in the middle of the night 💕
May 31st 2021
Love this beautiful cup !!
May 31st 2021
May 31st 2021
Becky G
Love love love the toning and light language. Perfect. Nurturing and supportive.
May 31st 2021
May 31st 2021
Beautiful and powerful! Auspicious time stamp of 11:11. Thank you Angels and Aleya
May 31st 2021