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Clear Your Base Chakra and Increase Grounding

Ground and Clear Your Base Chakra. Increase your grounding. Use this meditation to clean and clear your base chakra and ground with the vibration of empowerment. Use this meditation to get clean and clear.

  • Breathe and come into the present breath of now.
  • Connect with your own healing source and your own spiritual power.
  • Bring your awareness to your base and spin your base chakra counterclockwise to clean it with the color of electric white violet. Imagine that your spine is twelve o'clock and the front of your body is six o'clock. Counter clockwise is to spin your base chakra from the back to the right side, to the front, then to the left side and then to the back. From the back to the right, to the front, to the left side, and to the back and so on. Imagine little energy vortexes in you base chakra being cleaned and cleared and then spin the energy within the base counterclockwise to clean and then clockwise to activate and strengthen.
  • Tone your base chakra to clean.
  • Spin your base chakra clockwise to activate.
  • Infuse the vibration of empowerment into your base chakra.
  • Breathe yourself into your core column of light.

Background music is the key of C which is the tone for the base chakra.


May you feel a grounded empowerment swelling from within you.

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