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Clear Your Energetic Fields of All Irritation

Get clean and release the irritation. Clear your energetic fields of all irritation and feelings of being “polluted.”

  • Locate the empathic sensitivity around pollution and release it up and out of your energy fields.
  • Bring in sacred geometric shapes that have the capacity to transform this energy into a higher frequency of light.
  • Invite Gaia to work on areas where she is out of balance and to shift any pollution within her. Model right energy to Gaia.
  • Release all toxicity that is not yours.
  • Tone yourself clean. Bring in the shape that helps you keep your energy fields clear.

The toning in this one is a bit intense at first, but it really works to clear your fields.

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    I made a wonderful connection with this meditation. I saw myself walking in white light, with the varying tones of your voice acting as cleansing wind and rain. It was magical.
    June 30th 2010
    Joan Powell
    That was great toning today! How fun! JP
    June 30th 2010