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Clearing Empathic Sensitivity

Transform Empathic Sensitivity. Shift the way in which you deal with empathic sensitivity. Whenever you are feeling another person's emotions or pain, physical or emotional, it is an indicator that some part of you has information for that person. If you send the information and release responsibility for transforming another person's issues, the empathic sensation clears. You can then help in a co-creative way by modeling right energy in our fields, sending appropriate information, and holding compassion.

  • Locate all energies that you are feeling that are someone else's.
  • Relay all relevant and appropriate information to its right and perfect place.
  • Release all responsibilities for transforming other people's issues.
  • Release all empathic sensations up and off of all aspects of your being.
  • Activate the sound of your essence.
  • Model right energy in the world.
  • Hold compassion for the person you are feeling.

May you hold discernment and clarity as you model right energy in the world.

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