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Connect with the Angels

Connect with the Angelic Consciousness and ease the ego. Connect with a more evolved consciousness of the angelic realm. The planet is surrounded by angelic beings in huge numbers. They have come to help. Open to them and let yourself shift into a higher consciousness.

  • Spin an orb of light gently and slowly around you.
  • Align your consciousness to a more evolved way of being.
  • Increase humility and gratitude.
  • Heal your orientation points for self and increase their light quotient, and activate the vibration of your essence in that orientation point.
  • Be supported by your light, not your ego.
  • Bring in a healthy ego grid.
  • Locate yourself on your core column of light that flows just in front of your spine.

May you float on angel wings today and know your divine connection.

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The Early Years
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