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Feel Your Spiritual Family on the Other Side

Feeling Homesick?

Connect with your spiritual family and parents who are holding vigil for you on the other side. The veils are thin between us and the other side. Your spiritual family are beings who are from the place your soul calls home. They are highly evolved and remember you in your purest form.

  • Call forth your spiritual family and parents to surround you.
  • This family is from your place of origin.
  • Dissolve the veils between you and them.
  • Bring in energetic grids of support.
  • We ask your family to hold the remembrance of you in pure essence form.
  • Breathe in and pull them closure to you.
  • Bring your awareness to your heart space and feel them from that place.
  • Open to receive their love and support.
  • Heal the heart and all the times you missed them and did not know where to locate them.

May you feel a deep connection with your angelic family.



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The Early Years
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