Individual Meditations

Download individual daily cup of consciousness meditations by Aleya.

Find your spark!

Move into joy. Find your spark!

Access the realms of passion and joy and stream it into you.

  • Locate the dimension where you express yourself that holds the highest light quotient.
  • Bring the grids from that realm into this one.
  • Ground yourself on your divine line.
  • Extend the divine line of the body deva into the heart of Earth and into the heart of Source.
  • Stream that energy of joy and passion into this realm.

May your heart sing with an inner joy today.

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The Early Years
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janet evans
Thank-you Aleya as i am allowed a insight to how i can live above normal level of life,really until i found you or was guided to you i really had no direction. Now its superb!
October 28th 2010