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Get Yourself

See and receive yourself clearly and become what you see. We so want to be received in the world. "Get" yourself so you have the capacity to be seen clearly in the world. Truly see the essence that you hold within you. Stand on top of a hill, look deep within, peak and peek towards the direction you intend and set your course. Realign your direction. I think of it like sailing...when you have a clear day you can see millions of miles ahead. You can check your compass to make sure you are headed in the direction you intend.

Fully receive yourself and release others from being responsible for "seeing" you. If you truly see who you are at an essence level others will then be able to see that as well.

  • Locate all responsibilities you have given to others to receive yourself.
  • Be fully responsible for see and receiving who you truly are.
  • Be encircled by the Ascended Masters who see themselves clearly, and have them model that to you.
  • Move into appreciation for your own light.

May you see your essence and who you truly are at a divine level, and be received in the world to that degree.

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Hannah Hunte
Hi Aleya,
You always have the greatest pictures to go with the meditation's essence. Where are you finding them, or do you make them yourself?

Thanks for your comment.

Aleya responds to this with: "I find the images on google images."

All the best. Aleya Dao Support
December 25th 2010