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Gratitude Activation

Happy Day of Giving Thanks!

Use this Cup to move into a deeper state of gratitude and clean your energetic fields.


  • Open to receive more of your wisdom and mastery.
  • Increase gratitude for all that you are.
  • Toning and light language activation to help you clean your energetic fields and move into a deep inner fierce state of self love by moving into gratitude for your essence and inner vibrational gifts.
May you deeply receive your inner gifts and be in awe and gratitude for you.
(Listen to this Cup using headphones if you can. It can trigger a deeply altered state.)


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Comments & Discussion

thank you! grateful for you
November 25th 2021
Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful for the Love 🧡🧡
November 25th 2021
So beautiful! Thank you so much!
November 25th 2021
I am grateful. I give thanks for this work. I always listen to everything with headphones. Love. Aleya.
November 25th 2021