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Heal Your Relationship with Others

Find peace and healing with others.

Heal old or fresh wounds between you and others. Seeing people from the past can trigger old wounds. Allow for healing between you and anyone in your life where there is still an upset. Whenever we have unresolved or unhealed relationships in our lives it literally ties up our energy, resources, and our ability to be in a place of joy and inner peace. If we open to JUST energetically locating and feeling the why and open to the activation of the spiritual lesson, this "unresolved" energy transforms into one of peace within and with the other.

  • Connect to your own healing Source and Spiritual power.
  • Think of one person in your life that you need healing with.
  • Open a dialogue between your Higher Self and their Higher Self.
  • Move into an energetic understanding along with compassion.
  • Bring all mechanisms back to their right and perfect place.
  • Have both of you from the future as an Ascended Masters to work with both of you in now for healing.
  • Bring new grids and ways of being around you for this relationship. Personal responsibility, discernment and empowerment.
  • If appropriate allow for energetic completion.
  • Release all negative Karma.
  • Release all fusion between you and this other person.

May you find healing and peace between you and others.

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