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Hold Grace with Loss

Let Go.

How to be in grace with the process of loss (the ending of a cycle). Locate the energy that is ready to be released within yourself and within your life, and let go...with grace and perhaps a little joy.

  • Ground to the Earth and connect to Source.
  • Locate the energies that are ready to be released from your life.
  • Relay all information, release fragments, and responsibilities.
  • Bring the consciousness of the cycles into your energetic fields.
  • Allow and accept the cycles of completion.

May you find peace and grace in the cycles and flow.


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The Early Years
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janet Evans
So many meditations take me daily into understanding, i feel the support of everything around me blending into what i have to deal with daily and sleep in this wonderful Grace. I look forward to everyday now and am so much better in myself and toward all my relations and friends and in return they sense it and treat me well. Not always easy but the endless support i feel helps me so much, its wonderful Aleya!
November 29th 2010