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Increase Abundance and Integrity

Increase your ability to receive the abundance you intend by increasing all levels of integrity in your life. Any time you are out of integrity in your life, even in the smallest way, you can create a block that prevents you from receiving abundance. All places where you are out of integrity surface so you can become conscious of this energy and shift it into higher levels. Any place you are out of integrity, even unconsciously or energetically, it will affect your ability to receive. Use this meditation to shift that energy and open to receive that which you intend.

  • Locate all energies in your life that are out of alignment and bring all of your energy into the vibration of integrity.
  • Increase the capacity of honoring yourself so you have the capacity to honor another.
  • As you increase integrity consciously and unconscious it opens your capacity to receive.
  • Open you lines and receptors for receiving.
  • Update your reference points for integrity and receiving.

After this meditation completes we invite you to stay in the energy of this meditation as long as you desire.


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