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Increase Empowerment with Grace

Move into greater degrees of empowerment while riding the waves of energetic transformation with grace and ease. As the energy increases move into greater degrees of empowerment. Find your inner POWER.

  • Infuse the tone of empowerment into all of your chakra systems.
  • Align the crystalline structures within your skull to the consciousness of empowerment.
  • Bring in the grids of empowerment in and around you.
  • Bring all responsibilities for your growth and evolution or anything that is yours back to your core.
  • Hold that responsibility from a place of grace.
  • Bring the grids, shapes, and sounds of empowerment, and infuse them from above and below.
  • Bring all your control back onto your divine line.
  • Be surrounded by your spiritual family and have them hold the consciousness of empowerment and model that energy to you.
  • Receive all relevant and appropriate information from your spiritual family.

May the consciousness of empowerment infuse into every fiber of your being and assist you in releasing any old patterns of the victim gently and gracefully.


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