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Increase Pure Light in Divine Line of Body - Health

Use this Cup to increase the purity and light quotient in the divine line of the body. The more you encourage your body to amplify purity in it's divine line, the healthier your body will be and the more clarity and calm you will find.  This Cup is helpful to use as we feel the energy of Full Moon - it is the perfect time to increase the light quotient within.


  • Invite your body to connect with it's divine line.
  • Invite your body to amplify the quality of purity in it's divine line.
  • Invite your body to increase the vibration of it's essence in it's divine line.
  • Toning to assist your body in increasing the flow of purity within.
May you body hold a pure light within itself as it moves in the world.
This Cup can create a gentle softening, relaxation, and waves of relief as your body moves into a higher vibratory flow. It can also help the body increase health and vitality in every cell.
How do today's cups feel for you?
Any daily cup requests for this coming week?


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Perfect Timing (as always).. I usually access my meditation through the mobile app, but this morning I am on the desktop and I must say I am loving the new web site design!!!!
May 18th 2021
I have been experiencing alternative realms and am a bit anxious about it. I would like to have cups next week for releasing the fear and grounding. It is happening in the dream state and also in awake state.
May 18th 2021
Ditto to "Awesome Cups". Thank you!
May 18th 2021
Awesome cups
May 18th 2021