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Increase Your Light Quotient with the Moon, Sun and Earth

Increase your light quotient, life force, and vitality from the moon, the sun, and Earth. This is a bit more of an advanced meditation. Use the energies of the sun, the moon, and the Earth to support you and fill you with vitality. This can actually assist in slowing the process of aging. It is a beautiful meditation that my Guides walked me through. Fill up and be supported in this world.

  • Connect with the dantien, mingmen and wooqi (Jing) energies that circulate just below your umbilicus. The wooqi is in the center. They are all figure 8 energies that circulate around the umbilicus.
  • Link the wooqi to the heart of Earth for centering and grounding.
  • Link the mingmen that is in the back close to the spine and link a line of light to the Moon for balance and stabilizing.
  • Link the Dantien to the Sun for vitality.
  • Synchronize these three energies.
  • Bring in support from the Moon, Sun, and Gaia

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I enjoyed the benefit of this mediation and of learning about the Qigong
technique and practice. Quite insightful.

Thank You
September 14th 2010