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Increase Your Support and Resources In This World

Increase support by grounding and anchoring in your high vibrational state. As we receive electrical information from above, we move into a higher vibration. It is advisable to increase your root structure. Just like a tree, the bigger and taller the tree gets, the bigger the roots need to be. If you have worries about resources, definitely tune into this one and feel your anxiety drift away. Watch the solutions come to you.

  • Invite your body deva the consciousness of your physical human form to send it roots/magnetics to the heart of Earth through the enlightened Nature Kingdom.
  • Bring the resources from the heart of Earth through your magnetics into the areas of your life where you need more support.
  • Consciously locate your resources from below.

Wishing you deep, calm, abundant roots.

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The Early Years
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This particular meditation and focus was absolutely in alignment with where I am at this moment and intentions I set when I awoke this morning. The synchronicity of it is both reassuring and magical! Thank you!
August 17th 2010