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Magnetics - Balance the Body

Balance the body by increasing your magnetics. Get your feet back on the ground. Increase your magnetics, increase your connection with the Earth's energy, and anchor into your body. We use our magnetics to manifest. Open your lines of communication between you, your body, and the Nature Kingdom Earth.

Whenever we move to a higher vibration we want to increase the magnetics and our connection to our body. This will help us maintain health and the ability to manifest our intentions.

  • Invite your body deva to connect with its magnetics.
  • Strengthen the magnetic connection that run through the enlightened Nature Kingdom into the heart of Earth.
  • Tone your magnetics. (We use our magnetics to manifest. If you are having a hard time manifesting, increase your magnetics that extend from waist and go down.)
  • Heal and repair the energetic connectors and communicators between the conscious, unconscious, magnetic, and electrical fields.
  • Balance the electrical and magnetic vibrations within all aspects of your being.

May you feel the pulse of Earth within you, and may it guide you into a place of peace and connection.


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