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Maintain Your Memory While Holding in Multi-Dimensions

Maintain your memory while you hold awareness in the other dimensions. We are moving into a reality where we are becoming more conscious of what we are doing in other dimensions. While this shift in our awareness occurs it can really challenge our memory or lack there of. Use this meditation to navigate the dimensions while maintaining your memory.

  • Energetically locate all dimensions where you are expressing yourself.
  • Bring in grids in all dimensions where you are expressing yourself.
  • Repair your communication system between the dimensions where you are expressing yourself.
  • Calibrate your ears to the information that you hold in all dimensions where you express yourself.

Wishing you increased awareness in every breath.


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The Early Years
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Janet Louise Evans
Thank-you for the first days meditation, I find myself in a crisis related to 57 years on this Earth,what i had and what i lost seem to be draining me.
Now it is time for me to move forward and i am grateful to have been guided to you Aleya.
April 12th 2010