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Mercury Retrograde and Magnetics for Manifesting

Today's cup is a little bit different. It is a cup with an explanation coupled with a protocol top help your expand your roots while Mercury is retrograde. When you use the energy of Mercury Retrograde to infuse supportive qualities into your roots you increase support in all areas of your life.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Energetically locate your roots/magnetics.
  • Weave a stronger more abundant root structure.
  • Invite your body to do the same.
  • Identify the quality you Soul rider embody and infuse that quality into your energetic support roots.
  • Invite your body and Teams to do the same.

Use this time of Mercury Retrograde to strengthen your roots.

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June 1st 2021
Powerful and soothing, thanks I will listen often!
June 1st 2021
Yes I would love more like this ....I enjoyed this one a lot !
June 1st 2021
Yes, I like this very much!
June 1st 2021