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Motivation to Follow Through With Intentions

Bring in a template that enables you to hold on to your intentions.

Let go of old behaviors that are not healthy.

Use this meditation to bring in the will, focus, and resources that enable you to commit to the behavior you intend to shift for yourself.

  • Feel into the behavior that you would like to shift in your life.
  • Shift the way in which you protect and cope in your life.
  • Bring in a more enlightened coping and/or protection mechanism.
  • Bring your control back to you and come into the vibration of divine self control.
  • Bring your will back to you and align your will to your intentions.
  • Bring the body WILL back to the body.
  • Update your reference points.
  • Imagine what you and your life would be like without this behavior and bring that identity into your identity and personality grids.

    May you enjoy greater will, focus and resources in every breath.


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