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Open Heart and Third Eye with Beauty

Earth/Gaia is opening a magical and beautiful realm for us. In a higher realm we are being exposed to a profound moving beauty that can clean and clear the third eye and open the heart in a deep and healing way.

  • Connect with the Essence of Earth.
  • We invite Earth at the level of her Higher to connect with your Higher Self and energetically locate the realm and vibrations of beauty that has the capacity to open your heart and third eye.
  • We invite Earth to invite you into this magical and beautiful realm.
  • Open your energetic perception mechanisms to receive this vibrational realm.
  • Tones and light language to activate this beautiful realm.
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July 4th 2015
January 24th 2014
Beautiful, Aleya. Looking forward to this evening.
January 20th 2014
A loving and peaceful feeling, Aleya. Thanks for this one. Thanks also for the extra bit of music at the end to really drink in this cup. Hugs! Monika
January 20th 2014
Feel limitless, I love it. Thank You
January 20th 2014
The sun rising in front of me and the moon is bright behind me while listening to this, there are no words....thank you Aleya
January 20th 2014
Sacred, uplifting! Our dear Mother Earth is so beautiful this moment as I look at snowflakes easily falling down on it. Thank you Aleya for this holy meditation.
January 20th 2014