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Open Your Ability to Listen from a Service Level

Open your lines of communication. Open your ability to hear your own personal messages and messages about your ability to serve from your Higher Self and the Angelic realm. When we can hear clearly for ourselves personally and professionally there is a calm, a clarity, and a sense of direction.

  • Come back into the present breath of now.
  • Locate the channels you use to access the information for your own personal growth.
  • Open, clean, and clear your channels for hearing personally or for our service work.
  • Infuse those channels with the vibration of love, empowerment, and grace.
  • Open your channels for receiving information about your service work in all realms.
  • Bring your awareness equally to these two channels.
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The Early Years
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very aware in this time of quiet that it is time for professional and personal re-direction. thank you, will picture the
appropriate information arriving via newly opened channels.
April 27th 2010