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Passing Through the Eye of the Needle

Propel yourself into clarity and release all the energies that no longer serve you. Imagine the sun being the eye of a needle. Pass through this eye and let it clear you. The energy of the sun has the capacity to dissolve all that you no longer need.

  • Connect with your Higher Self and the guides
  • Anchor in vibrations of clarity, abundance, humility and gratitude
  • Imagine the sun, low on the horizon
  • Release limitations that no longer serve you
  • Propel yourself, with your imagination, through the sun/eye of needle
  • Bring your essence through the center of the sun and back to the breath of now in a whole and healed state
  • Toning to heal and calibrate
May you shine brightly with clarity and joy.
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The Early Years
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Comments & Discussion

Susie Carrillo

I was wondering if this will be the format now for the mediation. I really liked that I could press play and the mediation would play continuously. This set up only plays it once.

January 25th 2010
Beautiful meditation. It seemed to be just what I needed this morning.

Much love,

Denise from Teeccino

P.S. I have been able to listen to the meditations but not able to download from the same space. Something has changed. I assume I can download from your home page.

January 25th 2010