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Propell Yourself Toward Divine Direction

Propel yourself in the direction of your greatest happiness. Adjust your course so that all you do propels you toward the direction that has the capacity to support your greatest happiness, abundance, service, and health. Labor smart. The eagle energy is with this meditation: seeing from a higher perspective so that you may find and feel the direction that is full of abundance, love, and joy. Really try to let go of your mind knowing the direction and come into the knowing that if your energy fields can hold that vibration you will be guided effortlessly.

  • Locate the vibration of the direction that supports your greatest happiness.
  • Link your energetic fields into this divine direction.
  • Energetically locate all directions that have been projected on you by others and to let them go.
  • Align your internal and external compasses as well as your perception mechanisms.
  • Tone to bring this vibration, flow, river.
  • Trust that some part of you knows your divine direction.
  • Surrender to this direction, this current, this flow.

May all your efforts and labors take in the direction of your greatest happiness.

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