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Release All Fusion Between You and Others

Release all fusion between you and others. Bubble up. Come into your own space and release all fusion between you and others, which in turn creates confusion.

  • Locate all individuals that you are energetically fused with from all lifetimes and to release that fusion.
  • Bring in the sacred shapes that have the capacity to clear all fusion between you and others.
  • Bring all orientation point, reference points and anchors be brought back to your core column of light.
  • Release all energetic umbilical lines off all mothers and back onto your own divine line.
  • Come into your own spiritual alignment.
  • Tone to clear and shift.
  • Bring the vibration of your essence and body deva’s essence in and around you.
  • Tuning forks D and A.

Release the fusion and shift from CONfusion to co-creative joy.

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    August 22nd 2015