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Release Fatigue and Increase Energy

Body Deva Day.

Use the collection of these three cups to help your body reconnect to a sweet deep healing current. Listen to the cups that resonate with you.

Release the fatigue with today's first cup. Increase the energy level in your body by connecting with the divine line of Earth.

  • Energetically locate and bring back all energy the body is sourcing out on others.
  • Invite the body deva to connect with the divine cosmic loop of Earth.
  • Invite the body to remember that it IS the consciousness of Earth.
  • Run the energy in the divine line of your body.
This is a great short protocol to help release the fatigue and access a higher energy level. The energetic shift happens 4 minutes into the protocol.


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Comments & Discussion

Thank you Aleya again! Especially for the third one that moved me to a deep deep peaceful state,
bless you
February 17th 2014
Have taken a sabbatical and immersing myself in your meditations, . . . bliss. gratefully yours
February 17th 2014
Thank you so much for the feedback. The fatigue yesterday was huge. I feel it lifting a little and by Thursday we are in the clear.
February 17th 2014
Thank you Aleya. Perfect for my healing from a fall. Broken wrist/injured back! Will listen many times...
February 17th 2014
Aleya---this was so timely! I have been having a difficult time recovering from a virus and I was just asking for help this morning to get my energy/vitality back and help with the depression. Woo-Whoo---then I opened your meditations; all of them were so appropriate for me. I feel so much lighter already. I am so grateful!!!
February 17th 2014
The second one was particularly powerful! Have been exhausted for days and really needed this. Thank you.
February 17th 2014
Beautiful and timely! Thank you Aleya
February 17th 2014
Thank you for all three! I love the flutes in the background of the second one! More energy now, good reminders to retrieve any energy I've sourced out to others. They all helped for sure!
February 17th 2014