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Release Negative Karma as a Mechanism for Growth

Release negative karma as a mechanism for growth and evolution.

  • Choose to spiritually grow and evolve from a place of love and grace.
  • Work with the Lords of Karma to have them assist you in releasing negative karma.
  • Bring in new grids and mechanisms for growing and learning.
  • Practice that which you intend to master.
  • Be guided by the group that is enlightened in the higher realms.

May your life be filled with gentle loving guidance as you awaken.


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The Early Years
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Comments & Discussion

Releasing karma and the concept of karma is exactly what I was ready to hear this morning.
Thank you Aleya.
I get so much out of your support.
May 21st 2010
Hi Aleya,
I thought today's meditation was astounding.
Very powerful. Just last night I said to a friend "from now on I am learning through love"! I am grateful for the support today for this.
Many blessings,
May 21st 2010