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Release the Disorientation as the Veils Dissolve

Dissolve the disorientation as the veils dissolve.

For example: Before you drive away in your car you always want to make sure your windshield is clear of all fog. Clear your lens before you take flight. See with clarity before you move ahead. Prior to spreading our wings it is advisable to be able to see with clarity. As the veils and illusions lift up and out of our awareness it can cause confusion and disorientation. This meditation will assist you in releasing yourself from a disoriented way of perceiving, so you can move ahead with clarity.

  • Bring your perceptions out of all grids of entanglement and illusions.
  • Remove your lenses out of mass consciousness.
  • Infuse the vibration of your souls consciousness into your perception mechanisms.
  • Clear all vibrations of irritation, distortion, frustration, and overwhelm off of all ways of perceiving.

May your highest path be seen through a clear lens.

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