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Release the Doubt that Your Life Will Not Transform

Release the doubt that somehow your life will not transform. Access your inner truth. Let go of the doubts that "it will not happen for you" and feel the shift. Let it happen.

  • Bring up that limiting belief no matter how big or small.
  • Invite your Higher Self to shift your orientation points for your truth off of your belief systems and doubt and back onto your core column of light.
  • Bring your orientation points back into divine alignment.
  • Bring your perception and awareness onto your divine line.
  • Lift all of your issues of self worth onto your own growth and evolution.
  • Lift your reference points for your self worth back onto your core column of light.
  • Give your energetic fields and your Higher Self permission to assist you and increase your light quotient.
  • Calibrate the crystalline structures within and around your heart to the knowing that your energetic fields are assisting you.

Believe in your shift and let it happen.

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The Early Years
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Rachel Snyder
The purity and resonance of your meditations continue to astound and delight me. When it feels as though All I can do is grieve the loss of everything that has become a jarring mismatch, it is such a gift to be welcomed by the soothing and uplifting frequencies that you offer, that embrace and comfort me with outstretched arms. Truly a perfect start to the day!
August 24th 2010