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Release the Spacey Energy and Come Back to Focus

Release that spacey feeling. Increase your root structure. The more grounded we are, the higher a light quotient we can hold. As dimensional shifts occur it is essential to be in the present moment. Ground and get centered to receive it. As the speed increases it is even more essential to stay in the present and stay focused. It can actually be a bit hazardous not to be.

  • Increase your magnetics and your ability to stay focused.
  • Let go of the spaced out feeling.
  • Increase your magnetics that extend from your waist and go down.
  • Tone your magnetics and your root structure.
  • Bring your energetic awareness into the heart chakra.
  • Activate the focal point in the heart center.
  • Balance and align your timing.
  • Calibrate your ears to the guidance of your Guides.

May you focus and ground deeply.

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