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Reset in Stillness with the New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse

Use this power house triple shot of Cups with the New Moon and total Solar Eclipse to release, reset, and receive in a big way.
Reset in stillness with this first Cup. Begin a new chapter. Reset. Realign.

  • Reference a dimension that is quiet, still, and calm.
  • Soul rider reset yourself in this quiet calm realm in a way that supports your passion, wisdom, and mastery.
  • Invite your body to reference a realm that is quiet and calm and to reset itself and its compass for a direction that supports your body in its passion, wisdom, and mastery.
  • Repair or replace and realign the compass for you Soul rider, body, and Teams.
  • Align your compass in a way that is supportive and empowering.
  • Hold space for the quiet calm reset.

Only in the quiet and the calm can you reset and realign.

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Incredibly supportive and transformative! Thank you!❤️❤️❤️
December 5th 2021
That was so incredibly helpful!
My all around exhaustion dissipated as if by magic😊☀️🙏🏻
December 4th 2021
Wow!!!!!!! What a shift! Thank you!!!! ♥♥♥
December 3rd 2021
December 3rd 2021
Incredible!! So supportive and nourishing on all levels!! Thank you
December 3rd 2021
Very powerful! Thank you Aleya!
December 3rd 2021
I agree
December 3rd 2021
So supportive empowering clearing and rejuvenative. Thank you!!!
December 3rd 2021