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Return and Retrieve All Fragments

Use this Cup to return and retrieve all Soul fragments.  In past incarnations you may have been harmed and may have harmed others.  Any time you cause harm you take a fragment of another.  Anytime you are harmed the person who harms you takes a little fragment of you. 

This Cup can help you move into a cleaner, more aligned stance as you return and retrieve fragments.  This process also helps you move into greater empowerment and less empathic reactivity.

  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Teams to feel into any areas of your body or your energetic fields where you are holding fragments of another.
  • Return those fragments back to its right and perfect place.
  • Light language to help you return all Soul fragments as you spin your fields in a counterclockwise direction. (Imagine being in an orb and image the orb spins from the front of your body to the left, behind you, to the right, and then to the front of you.)
  • Spin your fields in a clockwise direction to retrieve all fragments from all incarnations. Invite your body and Teams to do the same.

May you retrieve and return all fragments from all incarnations.

How does this Cup feel for you?  

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Comments & Discussion

I loved this cup Aleya. I would love to know more about soul fragments in the next cup. Thank you Aleya!
November 24th 2020
Yes please Aleya if you could talk more about returning soul fragments in the next tall cup :)
November 23rd 2020
I loved everything about this cup. The music felt appropriate at that level in order to support the clearing of the energy. It may help to listen to it without earbuds or headphones in order to truly feel and hear it. Thank you
November 23rd 2020
Karyn DoveHawk
I really like the chakra spinning toning. More time spent on that piece in both directions. 🙏🏽 💕
November 23rd 2020
I actually found it very energizing. At first when the music was over powering your voice it heightened my senses to divide my attention equality. And at some point, another level of me could process it all, as a whole, without it needing to be separate, if that makes any sense. Thank you Aleya. Feeling energized and grounded! Love it ❤
November 23rd 2020
I enjoyed the message but I feel the same as Alannah. The background music was too loud and it was hard to hear your voice over the music. Ed found it agitated him to try and hear both your voice and the background at the same time. When the background got a little quieter near the end it was easier to hear you.
November 23rd 2020
The work of this cup is very powerful. I found it to be too busy. The first half was competitive with the light language and the music. The music was too loud for the voice. I get a bit agitated and have to fight to balance it out. At the last part I was able to settle down and do the work.
November 23rd 2020
Wonderful thank you for your feedback 🙏🏻
November 23rd 2020
Peaceful and restored back to wholeness
November 23rd 2020