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Self Love

Increase self love. When we hold self love we increase our capacity for acceptance, patience, health, and joy.

  • Be surrounded by Ascended Masters and your self as an Ascended Master holding self love.
  • Come into the breath of now and hold love.
  • Ground and connect to the divine aspect of you.
  • Be surrounded by the sacred geometric shape of self love.
  • Bring all responsibilities for loving yourself back to your core.
  • Love all aspects of you, for all aspects of you are somehow assisting you in your growth and evolution.
  • Receive love from yourself in the future as an Ascended Master.
  • Let yourself love your essence today.

After this meditation completes we invite you to stay in the energy of this meditation as long as you desire.

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The Early Years
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Hey Aleya
Thank you so much. This is my fourth day so far of hearing your daily meditations... They are so lovely. I eagerly await getting them through your generous extension of them through the 16th of next week. I will definately be getting one of you CDs and recommending you to everyone I know. Hope you enjoy your time with the whales:) May your day be blissfilled.
December 11th 2009